Welcome to Forest
Welcome to Forest

Forest™ SDK

Our lightweight, downloadable SDK
includes a powerful QVM that
runs locally. It's the perfect place
to start quantum programming. 

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What people are building with Forest

Cloud Quantum Computing of an Atomic Nucleus

A team led by researchers at Oak Ridge National Labs simulated the nuclear structure of deuteron. This was the first nuclear simulation run on any quantum computer.  More>

Quantum Games

An international team at a hackathon developed several puzzle games using Forest.  More>

Learning the quantum algorithm for state overlap

Los Alamos National Lab uses Forest to learn a quantum algorithm primitive called the SWAP test.  More>

A quantum algorithm to train neural networks using short depth circuits

A startup uses Forest to train Boltzman machines using the Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm.  More>

Bayesian Quantum Circuit

A team from the University of Sydney benchmarked quantum circuit learning tasks.  More>

Simulating H2 and H2O with hybrid quantum/classical computing

Using a modified form of the variational quantum eigensolver, researchers simulate H2 and H2O using Forest and the 19Q-Acorn quantum processor.  More>

Download the new Forest SDKβ

Available now for macOS (.pkg) and Linux (.deb, .rpm). Windows coming soon.
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What people are saying

Hannah Sim

Zapata Computing & Harvard University

“I find Forest to be a great toolkit for a wide range of users. It can serve as an effective educational tool (especially paired with a helpful and friendly Slack community) as well as a flexible research tool for building testbeds for quantum algorithms.”

James Weaver

Pivotal Software

“As I've been developing my own quantum applications and testing them on Rigetti quantum hardware, I've very much appreciated the guidance, help, and encouragement from their excellent staff.”

James Whitfield

Dartmouth College

“Working with Rigetti has been presented us with the opportunity to test our ideas on quantum computation/simulation with today’s cutting edge technology. Now the translation of ideas to from theory paper to experimental reality is cloud-enabled.”