Command-Line Interface

Your QMI comes pre-configured with the QCS Command-Line Interface (CLI). The CLI allows you to view a list of available QPU lattices, and easily book and manage reservations. 

  • Usage
    Once you've connected to your QMI, you can list all available CLI commands by using the following command:
    $ qcs --help

    The list of all available commands include:

    cancel        Cancel reservations in the compute schedule.
    devices       View available QPU devices.
    help          display help for qcs
    lattices      View available lattices.
    reserve       Book reservations in the compute schedule.
    reservations  View the compute block schedule.

    To use a command, simply type: 

    $ qcs [COMMAND] --help


  • Troubleshooting
    If you encounter the following issue when attempting to use the CLI:
    -bash: qcs: command not found

    It's possible that your QMI has not yet finished installing its default configuration environment. Please wait a few minutes and try again, and if you continue to experience issues then contact us at