Introduction to Quantum Cloud Services

Quantum Cloud Services (QCSTM) is Rigetti’s quantum-first cloud computing platform. With QCS, our quantum processors are tightly integrated with classical computing infrastructure and made available to you over the cloud.

  1. Quantum Machine Image
    Once signed up for Quantum Cloud Services, you’ll receive a dedicated Quantum Machine Image (QMITM). QMIs are virtualized programming and execution environments designed to develop and run quantum software applications. Each QMI is co-located with our quantum infrastructure, allowing you to execute programs with the lowest latency and fastest performance.

  2. QPU Lattices
    A quantum processing unit (QPUTM), also referred to as a quantum chip, is a physical chip that contains connected sets of qubits, known as lattices. Lattices vary in number of qubits, connectivity, topology, and performance.


    Above is the topology of the QPU, where each number represents a corresponding qubit. A lattice includes at least two interconnected qubits.

    To view the currently available lattices, use the
    QCS command-line interface. You can reserve a lattice at a scheduled time of your choice. When your reservation begins, you can log in to manually execute programs or you can simply queue programs to automatically run at start time.

    Please refer to the API documentation for a more detailed reference on QPU lattices.

  3. QVM Simulator
    The Quantum Virtual Machine (QVMTM) is a quantum simulator and an implementation of the Quantum Abstract Machine from A Practical Quantum Instruction Set Architecture[1]. The QVM is generally used to develop and test hybrid quantum-classical programs prior to running them on the QPU.

    Please refer to the 
    Forest™ SDK Documentation for a more detailed reference on the QVM.