QPU Specs
QPU Specs

QPU Specifications

Rigetti 16Q Aspen-4


Date Deployed: March 14th, 2019

Our Aspen devices consist of two octagons connected by a square, where we alternate between fixed and tunable qubits. The tunable transmons are fabricated using an asymmetric squid loop, which allows us to change the qubit frequency by applying magnetic flux through the loop. We take advantage of this tunability in order to employ a technique in which we modulate the flux bias of the tunable transmon to selectively drive population between states of that qubit and one of its fixed-frequency neighbors.

Aspen-4 is the current Aspen device that is deployed.
Below is a snapshot of the device specifications.

All gate fidelities are measured using the randomized benchmarking (RB) protocol.

All quoted statistics are the mean value of all qubits on the chip.
Single qubit gate fidelities (1QRB) are measured in parallel. 



*This information is not real-time and is updated periodically.
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