Welcome to QCS
Welcome to QCS

Quantum Computing

Augment existing computational workflows
with powerful quantum processors.


Rigetti quantum computers are universal, gate model machines based on superconducting qubits. They are optimized for a hybrid quantum-classical computing framework, where quantum computers operate as a co-processor.

On a mission to build the world’s most powerful computers.

Quantum Processors

Superconducting quantum processor chips with fast gates and high qubit counts blend the scale and performance needed to build new quantum algorithms and applications.

Rigetti 32Q Lattice

Now on AWS

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Rigetti quantum systems are now available to select customers through Amazon Web Services.

Quantum Cloud Services

Access Rigetti quantum systems through our development environment designed to maximize hybrid application performance.

Forest SDK

All the tools you need to build and test quantum programs

Our downloadable SDK allows you to develop quantum applications to simulate locally or run on quantum systems.


The Quantum Instruction Language standard. Instructions written in Quil can be executed on the quantum virtual machine (QVM) or on a real quantum processing unit (QPU). Read more.


An open source Python library to help you write and run quantum programs.


Quil compiler

Our open source compiler will take arbitrary Quil and compile it for any quantum abstract machine, according to its supported instruction set architecture.




The open source Quantum Virtual Machine lets you use a regular computer to simulate a small quantum computer and execute Quil programs.