Rigetti Computing acquires QxBranch

Bringing hardware and application development closer together can shorten the timeline to quantum advantage
and open new opportunities for customers to solve valuable problems. More>>

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Quantum Cloud Services is here.
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On a mission to build the world’s most powerful computers.

Welcome to QCS™.
The world's only quantum-first cloud platform.

Our integrated systems bring together the best of classical and quantum
computing on a single cloud platform. Build and run programs that harness the power
of real quantum hardware with the ease of a virtual development environment.

Quantum processor Traditional processor


At Rigetti, we believe that quantum computers have the power
to solve previously unsolvable problems and address fundamental
challenges in medicine, energy, business, and science. 


Predicting the properties of complex molecules and materials will help us design more effective medicines, energy technologies and more resilient crops. 

Machine Learning

Training advanced AI on quantum computers will advance computer vision, pattern recognition, voice recognition and machine translation.


Solving complex optimizations such as ‘job shop’ scheduling and traveling salesperson problems will drive critical efficiencies in businesses, military and public sector logistics, scheduling, shipping and resource allocation.

Just getting started? Try our downloadable Forest™ SDK

Our lightweight, downloadable Forest™ SDK
incorporates a powerful QVM™ and runs on your local machine.
It’s a great way to get started with quantum programming.