Quantum computing is here.
Everyone is invited.

On a mission to build the world’s most powerful computers.

Our developer environment Forest is free and open
to everyone. Start writing and testing programs on
our quantum-classical hybrid computers today. 

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Real quantum computers.
Real quantum programming.

Our quantum-classical hybrid systems bring together
the best of classical and quantum computing on a single platform.
You don’t have to wait. Start building and running programs
that harness the power of quantum now.

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At Rigetti, we believe that quantum computers have the power
to solve previously unsolvable problems and address fundamental
challenges in medicine, energy, business, and science. 

Quantum Simulation

Predicting the properties of complex molecules and materials will help us design more effective medicines, energy technologies and more resilient crops. 

Quantum Machine Learning

Training advanced AI on quantum computers will advance computer vision, pattern recognition, voice recognition and machine translation.

Complex Optimization

Solving complex optimizations such as ‘job shop’ scheduling and traveling salesperson problems will drive critical efficiencies in businesses, military and public sector logistics, scheduling, shipping and resource allocation.

Hello. We’re Rigetti.

we’re Rigetti

MIT listed us in the top 30
smartest companies in the
world. We’re also aiming to be
the most fun, but MIT doesn’t
have a list for that yet.

Hello. We’re Rigetti.
Fabricate to innovate.

to innovate

We design and fabricate all
our quantum chips in our
facility in Fremont, CA.

Fabricate to innovate.
Welcome to the lab.

to the lab

Our Berkeley laboratory
houses our quantum
computing center.

Welcome to the lab.