Rigetti Quantum Foundry Services

Rigetti Fab 687

Rigetti's Fab-1, located in Fremont, CA

Sharing our Fab-1 capabilities with the quantum research community

The powerful compounding effects of reliable fabrication helped Rigetti advance the state of the art by producing increasingly complex and performant devices. We now accelerate quantum innovation by sharing the unique capabilities of Fab-1 with the broader research community.

Whether you’re a student, professor, or experienced quantum engineer, you can order quantum integrated circuit (QuIC) test devices directly from Fab-1. With our rapid turnaround times, precision manufacturing, and cryogenic testing and characterization capabilities, Rigetti delivers factory-calibrated devices with known, high fidelity parameters.

QuIC Devices

Test Devices

Product Details

  • 5.23mm x 5.23mm chip size
  • Available as:
    • 1x bare chip, no wirebonding/packaging
    • 1x chip wirebonded to PCB and packaged
    • 3x chips wirebonded/packaged, and cryo-characterized in a Rigetti dilution fridge

Use Cases

  • Baselining new cryo-measurement setup
  • Comparing different dilution fridge configurations (e.g. shielding, attenuation)
  • Cryogenic Microwave component development to improve qubit performance
  • Experimenting with 1Q gates
COH Standard v1

COH_Standard v1 chip

COH_Standard v1


  • 3x tunable-frequency transmon qubits
  • 3x fixed-frequency transmon qubits
  • 2x bare CPW resonators
  • All components on a single feedline
COH Standard v2

COH_Standard v2 chip

COH_Standard v2


  • 3x tunable-frequency transmon qubits
  • 5x fixed-frequency transmon qubits
  • All components on a single feedline
Rigetti Fab 583

Rigetti's Fab-1, located in Fremont, CA

A reliable supply of state-of-the-art quantum devices

In 2017 Rigetti built the world’s first dedicated quantum foundry to address the challenges of relying on shared fabrication tools and facilities. Located in Fremont, CA, Rigetti’s FAB-1 engineers combine conventional CMOS processes with novel manufacturing methods to produce state-of-the-art superconducting devices ideal for quantum computing, sensing, and networking systems. Our in-house chip fabrication capabilities make it possible to deliver a high volume of devices to our internal teams with more predictable performance, quality, and timelines.

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