We're on a mission to build the world’s most powerful computers to help solve humanity’s most important and pressing problems.

Our Approach

Rigetti Computing is an integrated systems company. We build quantum computers and the superconducting quantum processors that power them. Through our Quantum Cloud Services (QCS) platform, our machines can be integrated into any public, private or hybrid cloud.


Cathy McCarthy

Chairperson of the Board, President and CEO, Cross Tack, Inc.

Michael Clifton

Co-founder, Supernova

David Cowan

Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners

Alissa Fitzgerald

CEO, AMFitzgerald

Ray O. Johnson

Business and Technology Executive

Chad Rigetti


Gail Sandford

Operations Executive


Corporate HQ

Berkeley, CA

Rigetti Fab-1

Fremont, CA

Global Office (US)

Washington, DC

Global Office (UK)


Global Office (AUS)


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