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A New Computing Paradigm

Thermodynamics sparked the Industrial Revolution. Electromagnetism ushered in the Information Age. Now, quantum computers are harnessing the unique information processing capability of quantum mechanics to exponentially reduce the time and energy needed for high-impact computing. With the first paradigm-shifting advance since the integrated circuit, quantum computing is poised to transform every global market.

Find Your Quantum Advantage

The gap between first movers and fast followers will be difficult to overcome. The first companies to use quantum computing to realize improvements in cost, speed, or accuracy over the best possible classical solutions could see significant changes to their bottom line, save years of development time bringing new products to market, or break ground in new industries yet to be imagined.

Industry Use Cases

The true value of quantum computing will be unlocked through practical applications. With new tools and new ways of thinking, quantum computing will forever change the way we solve problems across industries.


Design and optimize new druglike molecules for known targets

Finance board

Optimize returns and risks for large financial portfolios

Petri dish

Aid drug discovery for ‘undruggables’ e.g. neurodegenerative diseases


Train better AI with less computational overhead


Develop synthetic enzymes and catalysts for food and energy production

Transportation 2

Reduce fuel costs by optimizing vehicle routing

Running on Rigetti

Our customers and partners have already begun to push the boundaries of what's possible with quantum computing. Explore our rapidly growing library of platforms, tools, and applications powered by Rigetti systems.

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Amazon Braket

Amazon Web Services

Run on Rigetti quantum systems through Amazon Braket, a fully managed AWS service that provides a development environment to help customers explore and design quantum algorithms.

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Azure Quantum


Run your code on Rigetti systems available today through Azure Quantum. Azure Quantum brings together the most innovative quantum computing technologies into a single cloud service. Get started today and take advantage of $500 in free credit for Rigetti hardware or apply for a larger $10,000 Azure Quantum Credit grant.

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Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

OLCF is a U.S. Department of Energy user facility that provides state-of-the-art computational infrastructure to accelerate scientific discovery and engineering advances. Rigetti quantum systems are available to researchers through the OLCF’s Quantum User Program.

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Strangeworks QC™


Run on Rigetti quantum systems through Strangeworks QC™, a completely free collaborative development environment or Strangeworks EQ™, an enterprise grade quantum service provider offering everything you need to kickoff and manage your enterprise quantum efforts with granular security, IP protection, quantum machine access, resource aggregation, custom integrations, private deployments, team and project management, dedicated support, online training, and more.

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More Applications Running on Rigetti

Practical verification of quantum properties in quantum approximate optimization runs

Rigetti, NASA, USRA

A practical method to verify quantum properties in quantum approximate optimization runs on current day noisy devices.

Strangeworks QC™


Run on Rigetti quantum systems through Strangeworks QC™, a completely free collaborative development environment or Strangeworks EQ™, an enterprise grade quantum service...

Variational fast forwarding for quantum simulation beyond the coherence time

Los Alamos National Laboratory

A hybrid quantum-classical algorithm, called variational fast forwarding (VFF), for decreasing the quantum circuit depth of quantum simulations.


Zapata Computing

Orquestra is the unified Quantum Operating Environment for developing and running quantum and quantum-inspired workflows.

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