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Funny how working with something a little smaller can make you part of something bigger.

Introducing the Novera QPU, a 9-qubit version of Rigetti’s most powerful quantum computer. Novera gives you unprecedented access to quantum technology so you can explore further and accomplish your work faster. Imagine all you could do.

Then do it.

It’s a lot to process

Novera Process

The Novera QPU is manufactured with the same caliber of Rigetti’s larger systems and is ready to help you solve your biggest challenges. From cutting-edge technology, enhanced experimentation capabilities, and a network of experts behind it, Novera equips you like never before with what you need to excel in quantum computing.

Superior performance

Refined over 10 years, the Novera QPU is based on Rigetti’s Ankaa™-class architecture, which features a square lattice of qubits and tunable couplers that enable high-fidelity two-qubit operations. This means you engage in leading-edge R&D without settling for less.

Control entire tech stack

Get deeper access to the tech stack, with more control throughout – down to the smallest details.

Flexible configuration

The Novera QPU can be easily rewired and customized to fit your goals.

24/7 System access

No schedule snafus or resource-sharing means no impediments to your progress.


Upgrade and improve your hardware as the technology evolves, prolonging your investment and keeping you at the edge of innovation.

The Novera QPU comes from our best technology

The Novera QPU is built using the same technology as our state-of-the-art QPUs, from our large-scale Ankaa systems to our 9-qubit R&D devices. This evolution of our Ankaa-class architecture delivers the higher performance you need for tackling complex problems.



Median Time Duration (µs)


T1 Lifetime


T2 Lifetime

Tunable Couplers


Median Fidelity (per op.)


Single-qubit gates


Two-qubit gates (ISWAP)


Advance the science. Advance your work.

The Novera QPU is available to ship immediately. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery once your order has been confirmed and shipping logistics are finalized.

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A closer look at the Novera QPU

The Novera QPU is designed and manufactured in-house at Fab-1, the industry's first dedicated and integrated quantum device manufacturing facility.

A closer look at Novera

Patch panel

Allows reconfiguring wiring between fridge and chip


Balance of magnetic shielding can attaches below

Payload Bracket

Mounts filters, diplexers, amplifiers, and isolators

I/O Plate

Package containing qubit chip attaches here

Quantum Integrated Circuit

The Novera QPU's main processor is a 9-qubit chip with fast two-qubit operations. But we also include a separate chip with five isolated qubits. This chip has longer coherence times, is simpler to operate, and useful for developing and characterizing single-qubit operations.


9-qubit chip

  • 3x3 array of tunable transmons
  • Tunable coupler between each adjacent pair of qubits to mediate fast, 2-qubit operations
  • Each 3-qubit column shares a readout line


  • 9 microwave drive signals
  • 21 flux signals
  • 3 readout inputs
  • 3 readout outputs

5-qubit chip

  • Separate and independently addressable
  • No tunable couplers or qubit-qubit coupling


  • 5 microwave drive signals
  • 5 flux signals
  • 3 readout inputs
  • 3 readout outputs

Operating the Novera QPU

What the Novera QPU comes with

This small-scale version of our deployed 84-qubit Ankaa QPU includes:

  • All hardware below the mixing chamber plate (MXC) of a dilution refrigerator
  • 9 superconducting tunable qubits connected in a square lattice with 12 tunable couplers
  • 5 superconducting fixed frequency qubits, without interactions between qubits
  • Shielding and mounting hardware
  • Quantum IC and chip carrier
  • Signaling components

Technical requirements

The system is compatible with dilution refrigerators having a mixing chamber plate diameter of 290mm or greater, and a cooling power of 14 µW or greater at 20mK. The refrigerator needs to be outfitted with wiring between all temperature stages above the mixing chamber plate, including appropriate attenuation and amplification.

The control hardware for operating the circuit needs to generate and receive readout pulses between 7-8 GHz, generate control pulses between 4-5 GHz, and generate combined DC (for static bias) + RF (for gate operations) flux signals up to 1 GHz.

How to operate

After installing the Novera QPU and cooling down the dilution refrigerator, you are ready to interact with the qubits. Readout involves sending and receiving microwave pulses at the frequencies of the qubits’ readout resonators, and identifying the qubit states based on their dispersive shifts. To change the qubit states, you send pulses to the qubits at their transition frequencies. These protocols are easiest to develop on the 5-qubit chip.

Operation of the 9-qubit chip is more complicated. First, the qubits’ transition frequencies can be tuned by applying DC flux currents. Secondly, there are tunable couplers between adjacent qubits on the chip which are also modified using flux currents. Thirdly, when first cooled down, the qubits are strongly interacting by default, which makes operation initially more complicated. An important step is finding the flux conditions that put all qubits in a non-interacting state, which makes subsequent operations easier.

The next phase is implementing two-qubit gates. There are many possible schemes, and this is an active area of research and development in the superconducting qubits community. Between the tunable qubits and tunable couplers, one can use flux pulses to do fast entangling operations in a variety of ways.


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Enabling the entire quantum ecosystem

The Novera QPU empowers researchers, scientists, and other forward thinkers to solve problems in amazing new ways that shorten the time to answers and accelerate productive exploration.

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Computing, system design, and integration

The Novera QPU implements universal gate-based quantum computing. It integrates with either Rigetti’s components or any suitable third-party’s for a full-fledged, small-scale quantum computer that enables quantum software and algorithm researchers to prototype and test:

Hybrid quantum algorithms

Quantum machine learning models that sample parameterised quantum circuits widely apply to the financial services industry, with early adopters focusing on recession forecasting and sample discrimination for the financial services industry. Also, simulation of simple molecules and bulk materials.

Characterization, calibration, and error mitigation

An off-the-shelf testbed for designing and calibrating gate pulses, characterizing noise models, and testing quantum error mitigation methods on realistic applications.

Quantum error correction (QEC) experiments

Conduct early experiments with the surface code and some of its subroutines, such as syndrome extraction and stabilizer measurement.

The Novera QPU Partner Program

The Novera™ QPU Partner Program is an ecosystem of quantum computing hardware, software, and service providers who build and offer integral components of a functional quantum computing system. Novera QPU customers who need control systems, a dilution refrigerator, and quantum computing software tools can integrate the Novera QPU with our partners’ technology with the assurance of compatibility and quality.


The Novera QPU is compatible with dilution refrigerators with a mixing chamber plate diameter of 290mm or greater, and a cooling power of 12 µW or greater at 20mK. The dilution refrigerator needs to be outfitted with wiring between all temperature stages above the mixing chamber plate, including appropriate attenuation and amplification.

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Control Systems

The control hardware for operating the circuit needs to generate and receive readout pulses between 7-8 GHz, generate control pulses between 4-5 GHz, and generate combined DC (for static bias) + RF (for gate operations) flux signals up to 1 GHz.

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Novera QPU customers can integrate with many quantum computing software platforms to research and develop quantum algorithms, characterize qubits, and run QEC experiments.

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Integration & Service Providers

Deliver quantum computing solutions powered by the Novera QPU without having to build complex integrations.

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QEC Solutions

Hardware and software dedicated to quantum error correction will increase performance in quantum computing algorithm and application development on the road to fault tolerance.

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About Rigetti

Rigetti is a pioneer in full-stack quantum computing. We have operated quantum computers over the cloud since 2017, and serve global enterprise, government, and research clients through the Rigetti Quantum Cloud Services platform. Our proprietary quantum-classical infrastructure provides high-performance integration with public and private clouds for practical quantum computing.

Our latest innovation, the Novera QPU, is Rigetti’s first QPU that can be purchased for hands-on quantum research and development. Rigetti designs and manufactures our chips in-house at Fab-1, the industry’s first dedicated and integrated quantum device manufacturing facility.

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